Sitting there…

Sometimes you feel lethargic…too lethargic to even run away from your pain and sorrow! You just sit there and keep enduring it…knowing that you could have evaded it but you just let it engulf you! It feels like the same ocean which has the power to gulp you down and still you sit at its shore and let your feet soak into it! You curse the same memory you once cherished, you doubt the same decision you were once confident of, you want to rub away the future plans you once drew with permanent marker, you just want a change to happen but at the same time you lack the will to change anything! You don’t want to be termed as stubborn and at the same time you are not ‘ready’ to change…

Today is one of those days…


Two Lonely Chairs

If you go
Through the trees
Into the forest
Where all of the leaves
Hide you from the sky,
And the sky is not seen
You will find
A clearing.
Go to your left;
Turning right is not the way.
Follow the path
That winds back and forth,
Up hills and down.
Stop within 50 paces, and head towards
The sunflower faces,
Up piles of gray rock,
And sloping fields.
Keep on going,
But then yield
When you come
To the ocean shore,
Soft sand
Some rough seaweed
Left behind
From the waves
That sweep and twine,
Most rough seashells
Washed away.
There is something odd
I see today.
Two lonely chairs
Rest on the shore,
Facing the sea.
I sit down
On one of those two chairs,
Wondering why
They are there.
Soft cushion,
Dusted with sand.
Memories that are not mine,
Flash through my head:
A dog and a sailor,
Husband and wife,
Child with child.
Many have sat here.
A feeling of peace settles
Somewhere deep inside of me.
I sit there and watch
The waves that rock back and forth
And dance to the tide
Like it is a song.
I want to stay,
But the sky is dark,
So I return home.
I get up and walk
On the soft sand that is underfoot.
I know I will return,
To those lonely two chairs
That hold their own story
That sit by the sea.
Those chairs are now special to me.
And I walk back the way I came,
As happy and as peaceful as could be.
When I reach home,
Though out of reach,
I will always remember those two chairs
That sit all alone
On that very beach.

                                                                                                                                                                – Paige


Zindagi ke rahguzar pe tanha baitha tha…

Zindagi ke rahguzar pe tanha baitha tha
k peechhe se ek aawaz aayi…
“Aye akbar, ab tu tanha kahan,
ab to tere saath hai teri tanhai!”

(Sitting alone on the pathway of life
suddenly a voice came from the back…
“Hey akbar, now you are not alone
Now your loneliness iz with you!”)