Hope – The Culprit!

I tried to let it go but…it revisited!
I tried to move on but…it followed!

The culprit is – Hope!

hope lured it back…
hope showed it the track…
hope accommodated it on the top rack…
hope let it seep in through the crack…
hope has this uncanny knack…
hope…doing all the damage behind my back!!

Now running the invincible race…
…to save the grace!!
Let’s see what’s still there to face!

 Someone close to my heart  once said:

“There are many things we want from life,
there are many things we want in life,
but it’s not always possible to have it all.
The grace is in letting go and move on.”

I just replied!


Mystique memories

Some construction workMystique memories was going on at my place and when I looked at a pile of sand then I couldn’t resist drawing an analogy between sand and memories.

Some memories are like sand.

Those memories used to sit around me as children sit around their father at night. I used to caress their hair while they used to play in the lap of my mind, deep into the nights! Those memories were the most pampered ones. I used to keep them at the safest place in the attic of my brain.

But now those memories have settled on my mind as wet sand. The time gushes like water but it is unable to take away the sand with the flow! The same sand which used to float in the air, spreading light as fireflies has turned heavy!

Today, sitting on the bank of river called life, I’m hoping for some fresh air to kiss the sand to make it dry again so I can blow it away into the oblivion…forever!

A fall on my blog!

The baby Mynah

The baby Mynah

As I was clearing some mess around my blog a soft but urgent chirping distracted me – for the third time that day!! I went outside and saw a baby Mynah on the floor right under the air-conditioner of my neighbor. I picked it up and relocated it to its nest atop the AC. As I was getting down from the stool after that relocation, I saw the baby again at the edge of its nest; a clear indication of a third fall in the making! I brought down the baby and took it inside with me. I decided to keep it with me, not as a pet but just as a ‘new mom’ to nurse it till its fledgling days!

The Nest

The Nest

The separation from its family was obviously sad but it was for the safety of the new born. Lying helpless on the floor after its fall, the baby was an easy prey for a crow, lurking in disguise. At night, the papa and mama Mynah were making some hopeless feeble noises. I was somewhat happy for not understanding their language ‘coz it would’ve made me more sad to understand a parents’ pain after loosing their baby! This was a true epitomization of Lonely together! 

An anxious mother!

An anxious mother!

They (the adult Mynahs) were lonely in their nest and their baby was lonely in its cardboard box! It was a difficult situation for me coz quite ironically, I was trying to save the baby and at the same time I was the same guy who was involved in this separation between a mother and its baby…ah, how difficult situation that was!

I Googled whatever help was available on ‘a rescued mynah’. I found some very important links and tips as to “never try to gulp down water down the throat of a mynah as they require a very little water to survive and extra water can prove to be fatal!”

A makeshift shelter

A makeshift shelter

On the third day, my sister woke me up to a terrible news – the baby mynah was dead! I was heartbroken and started feeling terribly low! The feeling was same as I felt after watching that heart wrenching movie – Grave of the Fireflies!

I was broken and confused and guilty! I knew no one will care about the death of this poor baby, no relatives or friends will shed any tears, no media will cover it, no police will investigate this case, no obituary in any newspaper…the irony of dying an insignificant death! But my heart didn’t stop to sunk further and there was a guilt in my heart…guilt – the heaviest entity on this earth! I didn’t know, whether I could’ve saved that little life or not but I was cursing that moment when the fall’ took place as this tiny incident had broken me to the core!

May be…

May be it's not about the happy ending...

Maybe it’s not about updating regularly – Maybe it’s about keeping in the attic of memory!

Maybe it’s not about being famous – Maybe it’s about giving vent to your thoughts!

Maybe it’s not about what other want to read – Maybe it’s about what you want to tell!

Maybe it’s not about writing correctly – Maybe it’s about writing honestly!

Maybe it’s not about blogging – Maybe it’s just about – happy reading! 

                                                              – akbar ali khan

Personified me

“Please let me hold you,
you’re falling apart!”

“Please lead me somewhere,
where you can find solace!”

“Please find me a nerve,
where I can tickle to give you that lost smile!”

“Please help me to bend,
I need to pick your grace up!”

“Please keep me more attentive,
I think life is giving you repetitive calls!”

“Please breathe some life in,
you need to smell the aroma of youthfulness!”

“Please remove your specs,
you need to look beyond the obvious!”

“Please channelize me to right arteries,
I need to pump some confidence to your hope!”

“Please let me feel the gift of today,
yesterday you’ve already lost and tomorrow is still not yours!”

“Please let me feel the air,
you’ve already feared a lot of a bad hair day!”

“Please, I’m already beaten all black and blue,
So may I stop this beating now?”

                                       – akbar ali khan


The poet is so grieved that he has lost interest in everything and he has just been reduced to a rock; so he decided to Personify himself!

In the last line ‘beating’ is used in dual sense. First, the beating as in hitting someone and in the second sense as in heart beating. And the eventual solution can be achieved when either of this “beating” will stop!