Any medicine to stop children from getting older?

This is the question which crosses my mind each time I come across a super-cute child! Well that’s another question that “What if my parents would have also asked the same question when I was small?” FYI – I was never cute! GYMI(sic) (Giving You More Information) – Even if they would’ve found any such medicine, I still might have been blogging; though it would’ve looked somewhat like this:

...the yesterday's blog!

…the yesterday’s blog!

I know that for most of us this irrational question will pass as a joke and no, I, myself is not suggesting that the law of nature is flawed but a sad reality which is compelling me to take this question more than just a joke is that – ‘they’ will be ruined! Those of you who are itching to tag me as cynical, go ahead! In fact, I am also praying along with you to be proved wrong but my biggest fear and a simple reality is – they will become adults – like us! Isn’t it not enough?

Please find that medicine!

Their smile will give way to cheeky grin,
Some will have untidy stubble on their chin!
Please find that medicine!

Their innocence will be packed in boxes of tin,
Mistakes will start converting into sin!
Please find that medicine!

Heart-breaks will be more painful than bruises on skin,
Colas and Fantas will fizzle away into vodka and gin!
Please find that medicine!

Consciousness will ask “Whether you’re fat or thin?”
Life will transform from a morning walk to a race and “They’ve to win!”
Please find that medicine!

PS – Haven’t we heard it said : “Prevention is better than cure!” So lets prevent them from growing old rather than looking for a cure later for that ironical disease called adulthood!