Mystique memories

Some construction workMystique memories was going on at my place and when I looked at a pile of sand then I couldn’t resist drawing an analogy between sand and memories.

Some memories are like sand.

Those memories used to sit around me as children sit around their father at night. I used to caress their hair while they used to play in the lap of my mind, deep into the nights! Those memories were the most pampered ones. I used to keep them at the safest place in the attic of my brain.

But now those memories have settled on my mind as wet sand. The time gushes like water but it is unable to take away the sand with the flow! The same sand which used to float in the air, spreading light as fireflies has turned heavy!

Today, sitting on the bank of river called life, I’m hoping for some fresh air to kiss the sand to make it dry again so I can blow it away into the oblivion…forever!