Shredded hopes

Shredded hopes are pouring out of my dreams
Seeping out through tiny, little holes
Holes punctured by timely prick of reality into my dreams
Now my dreams are much lighter and less brighter
It has started to rise up
Up into the dark sky
I saw my empty dreams going away
They rose up higher and higher away from me into the oblivion
I let go of my dreams

One day lying on my back
I looked at the same sky which hides my dreams into its bosom
There were tiny, little stars
And a white light was pouring out of them, each one of them
Hey wait! This bloody black sky resembles my dreams
There were holes in my dreams too and shredded hopes were pouring out of them
Were my dreams as beautiful as this sky is from the outside? Oh my my!!
Why did I let go of my dreams?
I shouldn’t have!

Lemme fill another bag of dreams with some hope
What if they are shredded
I will let them seep out profusely this time
These shredded hopes may find way into someone else’s dreams
I fear not of holes anymore
I will make my hopes bigger instead!shredded hope


Hope – The Culprit!

I tried to let it go but…it revisited!
I tried to move on but…it followed!

The culprit is – Hope!

hope lured it back…
hope showed it the track…
hope accommodated it on the top rack…
hope let it seep in through the crack…
hope has this uncanny knack…
hope…doing all the damage behind my back!!

Now running the invincible race…
…to save the grace!!
Let’s see what’s still there to face!

 Someone close to my heart  once said:

“There are many things we want from life,
there are many things we want in life,
but it’s not always possible to have it all.
The grace is in letting go and move on.”

I just replied!