Shredded hopes

Shredded hopes are pouring out of my dreams
Seeping out through tiny, little holes
Holes punctured by timely prick of reality into my dreams
Now my dreams are much lighter and less brighter
It has started to rise up
Up into the dark sky
I saw my empty dreams going away
They rose up higher and higher away from me into the oblivion
I let go of my dreams

One day lying on my back
I looked at the same sky which hides my dreams into its bosom
There were tiny, little stars
And a white light was pouring out of them, each one of them
Hey wait! This bloody black sky resembles my dreams
There were holes in my dreams too and shredded hopes were pouring out of them
Were my dreams as beautiful as this sky is from the outside? Oh my my!!
Why did I let go of my dreams?
I shouldn’t have!

Lemme fill another bag of dreams with some hope
What if they are shredded
I will let them seep out profusely this time
These shredded hopes may find way into someone else’s dreams
I fear not of holes anymore
I will make my hopes bigger instead!shredded hope


Any medicine to stop children from getting older?

This is the question which crosses my mind each time I come across a super-cute child! Well that’s another question that “What if my parents would have also asked the same question when I was small?” FYI – I was never cute! GYMI(sic) (Giving You More Information) – Even if they would’ve found any such medicine, I still might have been blogging; though it would’ve looked somewhat like this:

...the yesterday's blog!

…the yesterday’s blog!

I know that for most of us this irrational question will pass as a joke and no, I, myself is not suggesting that the law of nature is flawed but a sad reality which is compelling me to take this question more than just a joke is that – ‘they’ will be ruined! Those of you who are itching to tag me as cynical, go ahead! In fact, I am also praying along with you to be proved wrong but my biggest fear and a simple reality is – they will become adults – like us! Isn’t it not enough?

Please find that medicine!

Their smile will give way to cheeky grin,
Some will have untidy stubble on their chin!
Please find that medicine!

Their innocence will be packed in boxes of tin,
Mistakes will start converting into sin!
Please find that medicine!

Heart-breaks will be more painful than bruises on skin,
Colas and Fantas will fizzle away into vodka and gin!
Please find that medicine!

Consciousness will ask “Whether you’re fat or thin?”
Life will transform from a morning walk to a race and “They’ve to win!”
Please find that medicine!

PS – Haven’t we heard it said : “Prevention is better than cure!” So lets prevent them from growing old rather than looking for a cure later for that ironical disease called adulthood!

A thought of solitude validated by Ghalib…


….that moment of solitude!

Sometime you just want to be all alone, away from everyone…even yourself; it’s not necessary that you’re feeling low or sad but may be just tired…too tired to take the life as it is going…the routine way, the perfect way, the society’s way! You know that life will be okay and all those quotes that you read on Pinterest may come true someday but today is definitely not the day! You may be actually standing in your balcony or sitting in the favorite corner of your room or even lying in your cozy bed but you imagine yourself in a place where you’ve never been before, don’t know it’s name, don’t want to know either, you don’t want to bump into anyone you know or even don’t know for that matter! You just look for that pause, that moment of solitude where you can just sit…away from your miseries, from your messed up life! It’s one of those days when Life is short, Life is a gift, Life is beautiful, all sounds just worn out cliches! Today is that day for me and I’m taking solace in one of Ghalib’s couplets!

Rahiye ab aisi jagah chal kar jahan koi na ho                                  hum-sukhan koi na ho aur hum-zaban koi na ho

Be dar-o-deewar sa ek ghar banaya chahiye                                  koi humsaya na ho aur pasban koi na ho

Pardiye gar bimaar to koi na ho timardaar                                           aur gar mar jaiye to nauha-khwan koi na ho                                                             – Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib


O my heart go and live                                                                 in such a place where                                                             there is no one                                                                         no one to talk to                                                                        no one who speaks                                                                      your tongue

O my heart build a house                                                             in such a way where                                                              there are no walls                                                                      and no doors and no                                                                neighbor nor a keeper                                                               no one to announce arrivals

If you fall ill                                                                               there should be no one to nurse you                                              If you die                                                                             there should be no one to mourn you

Translated by: Zaitun Umer

Hope – The Culprit!

I tried to let it go but…it revisited!
I tried to move on but…it followed!

The culprit is – Hope!

hope lured it back…
hope showed it the track…
hope accommodated it on the top rack…
hope let it seep in through the crack…
hope has this uncanny knack…
hope…doing all the damage behind my back!!

Now running the invincible race…
…to save the grace!!
Let’s see what’s still there to face!

 Someone close to my heart  once said:

“There are many things we want from life,
there are many things we want in life,
but it’s not always possible to have it all.
The grace is in letting go and move on.”

I just replied!

May be…

May be it's not about the happy ending...

Maybe it’s not about updating regularly – Maybe it’s about keeping in the attic of memory!

Maybe it’s not about being famous – Maybe it’s about giving vent to your thoughts!

Maybe it’s not about what other want to read – Maybe it’s about what you want to tell!

Maybe it’s not about writing correctly – Maybe it’s about writing honestly!

Maybe it’s not about blogging – Maybe it’s just about – happy reading! 

                                                              – akbar ali khan

Personified me

“Please let me hold you,
you’re falling apart!”

“Please lead me somewhere,
where you can find solace!”

“Please find me a nerve,
where I can tickle to give you that lost smile!”

“Please help me to bend,
I need to pick your grace up!”

“Please keep me more attentive,
I think life is giving you repetitive calls!”

“Please breathe some life in,
you need to smell the aroma of youthfulness!”

“Please remove your specs,
you need to look beyond the obvious!”

“Please channelize me to right arteries,
I need to pump some confidence to your hope!”

“Please let me feel the gift of today,
yesterday you’ve already lost and tomorrow is still not yours!”

“Please let me feel the air,
you’ve already feared a lot of a bad hair day!”

“Please, I’m already beaten all black and blue,
So may I stop this beating now?”

                                       – akbar ali khan


The poet is so grieved that he has lost interest in everything and he has just been reduced to a rock; so he decided to Personify himself!

In the last line ‘beating’ is used in dual sense. First, the beating as in hitting someone and in the second sense as in heart beating. And the eventual solution can be achieved when either of this “beating” will stop!

Two Lonely Chairs

If you go
Through the trees
Into the forest
Where all of the leaves
Hide you from the sky,
And the sky is not seen
You will find
A clearing.
Go to your left;
Turning right is not the way.
Follow the path
That winds back and forth,
Up hills and down.
Stop within 50 paces, and head towards
The sunflower faces,
Up piles of gray rock,
And sloping fields.
Keep on going,
But then yield
When you come
To the ocean shore,
Soft sand
Some rough seaweed
Left behind
From the waves
That sweep and twine,
Most rough seashells
Washed away.
There is something odd
I see today.
Two lonely chairs
Rest on the shore,
Facing the sea.
I sit down
On one of those two chairs,
Wondering why
They are there.
Soft cushion,
Dusted with sand.
Memories that are not mine,
Flash through my head:
A dog and a sailor,
Husband and wife,
Child with child.
Many have sat here.
A feeling of peace settles
Somewhere deep inside of me.
I sit there and watch
The waves that rock back and forth
And dance to the tide
Like it is a song.
I want to stay,
But the sky is dark,
So I return home.
I get up and walk
On the soft sand that is underfoot.
I know I will return,
To those lonely two chairs
That hold their own story
That sit by the sea.
Those chairs are now special to me.
And I walk back the way I came,
As happy and as peaceful as could be.
When I reach home,
Though out of reach,
I will always remember those two chairs
That sit all alone
On that very beach.

                                                                                                                                                                – Paige