About it – Lonely together…

The term ‘Lonely together’ came to my mind for the first time when I was sitting lonely and thinking of Her and in an event of playing mama to my heart I was trying to console it by giving it a fancy idea that “don’t worry, you are not the only one who is alone here but the one for whom you pump my blood must be also feeling lonely somewhere for you” So that’s why this term ‘Lonely together’ – Me lonely here and She is lonely somewhere there…alas, We are Lonely together! Now when my heart went for a sleep after that lullaby-fied explanation I too went into an introspection and found a more profound, less-romantic meaning of  ‘Lonely together’

“We are so busy growing up, we often forget that our parents are also growing old.”- (Anonymous)  But it doesn’t stop here! As we grow old, our social circle keeps on growing but for our parents (most of them) it keep on shrinking! And a time comes in their lives when their children become their own small world (world is indeed small for them!) Culturally, it may sound a generalization or even away from truth for some but in this globalized world and in this era of mass migration it has gained more weight than ever.

It’s not hard to find a son or a daughter sitting all alone with their thoughts in a balcony of his/her rented room in his/her adopted city gazing at sky with not blank eyes but the one filled with childhood memories!

“Hey stop! Enough of this mush man…we’re living in 21st Century…aren’t we? Just go ahead and pick that damn phone and  crash into the loneliness of whosoever you’re missing or pretend – is missing you!”

I read somewhere my friend that – A phone call can facilitate speech but cannot dissolve distances, a handwritten note has no rival in an e-mail, a virtual hug can offer cheer but not warmth, in a nut shell few things will always belong to the realm of the human touch and that’s why we are always gonna be…Lonely together!


5 thoughts on “About it – Lonely together…

  1. Baldeep Kaur says:

    Hey. Thanks for following my blog. It feels great to be connected with you through this virtual space.

    Deep down, we all are lonely together.I think it is cool to be lonely together now. Isn’t it? Thankfully, i am a very uncool person and love to be with others and share stories. I wrote a post on ‘Being me’, Be distinctive. Be yourself,

    Keep sharing!

    • uckbarr says:

      Hey thanks for stopping by! So you’re another uncool satisfied person! Cool! I believe, it’s good to be ‘uncool’ coz we get to spend more time where we act cool rather than hanging out with someone who consider us uncool! As Sam said in ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ – “Welcome to the island of misfit toys!”


  2. ShethP says:

    Thanks for the little reminder. I’m going to make conscious efforts to not be lonely together with my parents. 🙂 Gotta make the most of the moment while it’s (t?)here!

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