Personified me

“Please let me hold you,
you’re falling apart!”

“Please lead me somewhere,
where you can find solace!”

“Please find me a nerve,
where I can tickle to give you that lost smile!”

“Please help me to bend,
I need to pick your grace up!”

“Please keep me more attentive,
I think life is giving you repetitive calls!”

“Please breathe some life in,
you need to smell the aroma of youthfulness!”

“Please remove your specs,
you need to look beyond the obvious!”

“Please channelize me to right arteries,
I need to pump some confidence to your hope!”

“Please let me feel the gift of today,
yesterday you’ve already lost and tomorrow is still not yours!”

“Please let me feel the air,
you’ve already feared a lot of a bad hair day!”

“Please, I’m already beaten all black and blue,
So may I stop this beating now?”

                                       – akbar ali khan


The poet is so grieved that he has lost interest in everything and he has just been reduced to a rock; so he decided to Personify himself!

In the last line ‘beating’ is used in dual sense. First, the beating as in hitting someone and in the second sense as in heart beating. And the eventual solution can be achieved when either of this “beating” will stop!


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