Zindagi ke rahguzar pe tanha baitha tha…

Zindagi ke rahguzar pe tanha baitha tha
k peechhe se ek aawaz aayi…
“Aye akbar, ab tu tanha kahan,
ab to tere saath hai teri tanhai!”

(Sitting alone on the pathway of life
suddenly a voice came from the back…
“Hey akbar, now you are not alone
Now your loneliness iz with you!”)



5 thoughts on “Zindagi ke rahguzar pe tanha baitha tha…

  1. Anjum Ara says:

    Ah! This is not fair and hopefully this is just a post and you really don’t mean to have loneliness as your partner. Damn! I would go mad being alone there is so much in love & life in this world. So much to given & take. Now I should stop spamming your blog with so many comments.

    • uckbarr says:

      Sometimes I prefer to have a session with my loneliness sitting in my cozy bean bag with a coffee mug! It may appear I’m sitting idle but actually I wander into the clouds of my profound thoughts! There is a difference between ‘being alone’ and ‘being lonely’! I prefer to be lonely whenever I could!

      The above couplet is from my Nazm: “Main aur meri dost – tanhai”

      And come on Anjum!! Who doesn’t like comments on his posts and I’m no exception…so stop being modest and feel free to ‘spam’ all my posts! 😉

  2. love this nazm of yours!

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